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About Me

Sarah Bateson

Sewing has been in my family for 4 generations, the hereditary passion and fiery influence was kindled at a very tender age of 5 when I was first taught to sew, so when the opportunity to give up my full-time job in I.T, to pursue a career in a hobby I thoroughly enjoy there was simply no hesitation. 

I have always been inspired by different cloths, textures, weaves and colours all collectively creating a clash of normality. 

I try and use as much home-grown fabric as possible, British, Scottish and Irish 100% wools are some of the finest in the world, quality cloth wears well and speaks volumes.

Every piece of clothing is handmade by myself, I cannot produce on mass, or try to re-create an exact item, this gives each piece a unique individuality and we all like something a little different.


I am Based in Huddersfield West Yorkshire.

best regards 

Sarah Bateson



Tel: 07773577970

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